Hand Dyed Yarn

Hand dyed yarn is it's own animal in the crafting world. It's hard to describe the how splashes of color combined with cozy wool can strike the fires of your imagination. And then once you get that goodness moving though your fingers... there's nothing like it! 

If you're new to the hand dyed world, or if you've just never really thougth about it... let me give you a little bit of information that might help you when you're ordering your fabulous yarn online. 

All of our yarn at BSY are luxury fiber blends with Merino Wool, Alpaca, Silk, Nylon, or Stellina. We hand dye our yarn in very small batches and ship them out to you from our studio in Pensacola, FL, every day. 

Hand dyed yarn can be very unique in that a breath, a water temperature shift, a slight tilt to a pan when it's entering into the oven, or a miniscule undissolved dye partical can change the outcome of what we're making. 

If you order a sweater quantity, we will try our best to make sure it's all dyed right next to each other (which is generally called a 'dye lot.'). Bad Sheep Yarn has also developed many methods/tools/incantations and potions over the years to make sure that our yarn is as consistent as possible through out the years. We aren't always perfect... but we sure are trying to be. 

When ordering hand dyed yarn from Bad Sheep Yarn or any other indie dyer, please keep in mind that the quality that you're getting is not the same as something that you would get from a big box craft store. We believe it's better! Spins, plies, thickness and feels vary. Dyes vary! But that's what makes it a truly unique and artistic experience.

Bad Sheep Yarn strives to represent the true colors of our yarn in the photos we post. All our photos are taken in natural daylight and we do not use filters or special effects in our photos.

In spite of all this, please keep in mind when ordering that each batch is done by human hands; and that some computer monitors have different light settings. Our ultimate goal is to create something beautiful, as close to the photo as we can, and just for you.