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We feel so privileged to be able to work with other artists and share their designs with you. Please read about the featured artists, check out their websites and social media pages, and show some love by giving them a follow on their pages. 

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Brittany Garber 
Britt has been a crochet designer since 2020. She specializes in advanced beginner designs that are easy to memorize and exemplify the joy of crochet. Her goal is to amplify the beauty of crochet in the craft world while uplifting BIPOC makers/designers in the industry. When she isn't designing, Britt is a stay at home mother, raising her three children in the Pacific Northwest. 
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Sun Daughter Knits

Sönna Schuttner
Constantly creating, my medium is whatever is before me. Be it with garden herbs, wool, grocery lists with doodles or alters in our home. My Great Grandmother taught me how to crochet at the age of 7 and I was instantly enthralled. I'm sure many can relate: I will stay up way too late and wake up too early, I knit at the drive-through while waiting for my coffee, I knit in the grocery line, but I try to resist the urge to knit at stop lights while driving.
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A Bee In The Bonnet

Lauren Rad
Lauren Rad is a former lawyer turned knitwear designer who designs soft, romantic knits for knitters who want a brief escape from the everyday. Lauren lives in California with her husband and small child. When she’s not knitting, you can usually find her puttering about in her rose garden or collecting shells and sea glass at the beach.
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