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Folklore is a magical colorway of red, blue, green, copper, and warm browns.

Sock: 75/25 Superwash Merino & Nylon; 462 Yards; 100 grams. 
Basic Sock is our super strong, low pill sock weight yarn. This is your standard daily wear sock yarn. 

Sparkle Sock: 75/20/5 Superwash Merino/Nylon/Stellina; 438 Yards; 100 grams.
A strong spun sock weight yarn with a tiny hint of glimmer spun into the yarn. 

Basic Sport: 100% Superwash Merino Wool; 328 Yards; 100 grams. 
Basic Sport is a beautiful 3 ply sport weight yarn with beautiful plies and a luminous shine.

Basic DK
: 75/25 Superwash Merino & Nylon; 245 Yards; 100 grams. 
A super strong, low pill, DK base. Perfect for sweaters and accessories and blankets.

Basic Worsted: 100% Superwash Merino Wool; 218 Yards; 100 Grams. 
This fluffly Merino yarn is perfect for hats, sweaters, and anIything that you want to keep you extra warm and cozy.

Bulky: 100% Superwash Merino Wool; 106 Yards; 100 Grams. 
So soft and silky bulky weight, this 2 ply bulky yarn is made of dreams and great for beginners. 
*We have recently changed our bulky weight base. The photos are of our older base. The newer base has tighter plies and is not as lofty as pictured.*

Although most of our bases are superwash wool, I recomend that all finished projects are hand washed and layed flat to dry.
Bad Sheep Yarn strives to represent the true colors of our yarn in the photos we post. Please keep in mind when ordering that some computer monitors have different light settings.

Product Reviews

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Folklore DK
Written by Becca on Mar 10th 2023

So gorgeous! The depth of color and nuance is just stunning. I can't wait to knit it up, but I almost don't want to lose the beauty of it skeined up by winding!

Pretty yarn
Written by Anna on Jan 31st 2023

Gorgeous colors! So happy with my purchase. Looks great on the skein and when knitted.

Written by Gabrielle on Nov 10th 2022

Yarn is beautiful. I purchased as a gift for my sister. She's still not sold cause of the price but I like your yarn. I hope I got her enough to make her blanket

Written by Jeane on Oct 29th 2022

Such gorgeous yarn! I just can't knit fast enough to keep up with my purchases! Very soft and squooshy, , A joy to knit with!

Written by Diane on Sep 29th 2022

Beautiful skein. I just keep looking at it and the glorious colors. Definitely for something special.

Folklore in DK
Written by Chris on Sep 24th 2022

Love the colors! They are so Fall and blend and balance well with themselves. Looking forward to putting this on the needles

Folklore yarn
Written by April Mascolino on Sep 23rd 2022

The colors are stunning! Yarn is soft and I can’t wait to use it.

Buy it!!
Written by Hannah Greening on Sep 17th 2022

Even more gorgeous in person, shipping was very prompt, will buy again!!

Beautiful yarn
Written by Elaine on Sep 11th 2022

I am a repeat customer. I love this yarn. High quality, beautiful colors. Prompt shipping everytime I order.

gorgeous yarn
Written by Patricia Manley on Sep 9th 2022

Simply gorgeous yarn with great turn around time for delivery. Yarn is even prettier than it is in picture.

Folklore Worsted
Written by Yasmine on Sep 8th 2022

I love this yarn! I usually buy BSY fingering weight but for my new project I needed to use the worsted weight. It’s so soft, the colors are beautiful especially when you get pockets of pinks and greens. Will definitely use again for another project

Written by Julie Schrader on Aug 26th 2022

Absolutely the most beautiful yarn, the shipping was very fast! I will do more business at Bad sheep!! Ty ty

Written by Suzanne Webster on Aug 22nd 2022

This yarn is absolutely beautiful! Just the color combinations I was looking for to make a fall themed sweater. I have not used it yet, but can’t wait to get started. My order was also sent out very quickly.

Folklore Yarn
Written by Betsy Borges on Aug 15th 2022

I received the yarn pretty quickly. It is beautiful and I'm looking forward to knitting something with it!

Folklore color
Written by Virginia Arana on Aug 13th 2022

I loved the picture on your website and am just as in love with the actual color. Don't have a plan for the yarn yet but toying with shawl patterns. Assigned pooling technique looks so interesting, so my try to use it for that pattern

Written by Kristin Jaros on Aug 13th 2022

I bought Folklore and paired it with Eggnog. It is a gorgeous combination and I can’t wait to start a project! All of the Black Sheep yarns are so beautiful ( and I have a lot of them!) Thank you so much for creating such stunning yarn.

Written by John Lloyd on Aug 12th 2022

The wife really love's these autumn colors

Folklore and kennicott
Written by Gail crabtree on Aug 2nd 2022

All the yarn in my order is absolutely stunning! It is soft and vibrant. It was shipped quickly after you all helped me fix my order after I made a boo boo calculating how much I needed. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely product.

Folklore Fingering
Written by Sue McQuade on Jul 31st 2022

Beautiful yarn! Colors are phenomenal. Lovely texture.

Written by Kristin Henson on Jul 31st 2022

Fabulous colors. I have been scrolling through Ravelry looking for just the right project! Thank you!

Written by Carolyn Linhart on Jul 20th 2022

Absolutely beautiful! Now to find the perfect pattern.

Written by Jane on Jul 16th 2022

You can’t improve on this yarn! It is perfect! Exactly like the photo. I was thrilled when it arrived looking just as I’d hoped. Thanks!

Folklore Fabulous
Written by karen on Jul 8th 2022

This is such a yummy yarn. Cannot wait to start knitting. Wonderful service and quick!

Folklore yarn
Written by Sue T. on Jul 8th 2022

Scrumptious doesn’t even begin to describe this yarn. The colors are vibrant and I can’t wait to find the perfect pattern to show them off.

Written by Kathleen on Jul 4th 2022

I was so excited about this yarn when I saw it on Facebook. I couldn’t wait for it to come. It arrived sooner than expected! It is as beautiful as it looks. Very soft.. Can’t wait to start my next project …. Socks for me! I will post a photo when I do. Thanks to Bad Sheep yarn for this lovely yarn.

product review
Written by Donna S Ferguson on Jun 24th 2022

This is beautiful yarn but the variation in color is not what I expected. My package is more orange/blue than I was hoping for. I ordered this yarn because of the rainbow look of the colors.

Written by Justine Arrasate Lloyd on Jun 11th 2022

This yarn is even MORE scrumptious in person than it is in the picture of it! I am looking forward to casting on the perfect sweater for it. I wish I could purchase at least 5 of every single colorway!!! LOL

Written by debbie on Apr 20th 2022

the item matched the description & love the colors

Written by Shelley scott Burroughs on Apr 10th 2022

Amazing blend of colors, even my husband was in love with them at first sight. Can't wait until I figure out what I am going to make with the yarn and see it knitted up.

folklore yarn
Written by Sheila Mayhew on Mar 24th 2022

Lovely yarn. Looking forward to kitting - nice hats for the kiddos!

Folklore & Owl sock yarn
Written by GOehlke on Mar 15th 2022

Received my skeins last week and they are both beautiful! Shipping was very quick also.

So vibrant
Written by Randi G. on Mar 10th 2022

Oh the colorways from Bad Sheep Yarn! The colors are so vibrant and striking! I love them and want them all!!! <3

DK yarn
Written by Gayle Giannini on Mar 9th 2022

The two skeins were beautiful and soft. They were exactly what I expected!

First purchase
Written by Katy Duffey on Feb 15th 2022

This was part of my first purchase and I love it. I can't wait to see it worked up, probably into socks or a shawl. Thank you for your amazing product!

Lovely Colors and Squishiness off the charts
Written by Bevy on Jan 11th 2022

I love this yarn - it is so colorful! It is wonderfully soft and beautifully dyed. Get some! :) Love the colors and the texture is awesome and the yarn smells wonderful as the dyer washes them with soap as a last step. This is a dyer that is meticulous in her attention to detail.

Such beautiful yarn!
Written by Donna Johnson on Dec 10th 2021

I just love the vibrant colors! I can't wait to use it in one of my projects!

All the beautiful color ways of yarn
Written by Debra Shirley on Nov 28th 2021

Sorry I am to busy working with all the beautiful yarn I just received to write reviews on each skein. I love it all!!! Bad sheep yarn is my favorite. Your colors are inspiring.

Folklore sock weight
Written by Julie Johnson on Nov 11th 2021

The color is even more vibrant in person. Amazing representation online. This yarn is magnificent to work with. I will definitely be making additional purchases from Bad Sheep Yarn!

Written by Linda Gillespie on Oct 27th 2021

Yarn feels dreamy, haven't knitted with it yet but will say the colors are a bit more muted than in the photograph, not a lot, just a bit. I think they are just as lovely, but others might be disappointed. Four stars because of color difference.

Written by Linnea Nord on Oct 4th 2021

This yarn definitely lived up to its description. The colors are all very true to the picture and flow together perfectly.

Written by Susan Clark Joul on Aug 9th 2021

The colors in this yarn tell so many stories. The rich blue, the dark greens, pinks, golds, all so pretty! The quality of this yarn like all of them is exceptional.

Love this colorway
Written by Dino on Feb 11th 2021

The colors or so rich and earthy, there are so many but they blend so well together. The actual yarn color fits the name so well, and I don't think the picture does this colorway justice. If someone is looking for that richness that comes with age, this is the yarn.

Written by Kelli on Oct 29th 2020

I now have Folklore in two different weights: the colorway is so beautiful that once I had it in one weight, I had to order it in another! And both bases are divine.

Sunflower DK
Written by Lori Koury on Sep 28th 2020

This yarn is perfectly dyed as the shade of yellow is spot on for a Sunflower