Silky Projects to make with Mulberry Silk Yarn

Silk is such a luxurious yarn to work with. And although you can use it for any season (it's your project and your creativity!) It is a great fabric to use in the hot summer months. Silk is perfect for drapey projects for an absolutely gorgeous shine.

(Pictured is our 100% Mulberry Silk Yarn in Orchid   and  Wild Blueberry)

Some tips for working with silk: Use needles or hooks with a little bit of stick to them! Bamboo is great. Since silk is such a slippery fiber, it's easy to loose stitches on accident. 

Silk is harder for projects that need a lot of structure. If you're wanting to use it in a project with structure try holding it together with a fiber like our Suri Lace or Merino. If you want to use silk oall on its own, find a project that has a lot of drape. It will feel sooooo gorgeous and fancy! 

Block silk with so much care. And when you wash it, be so delicate or dry clean to keep the shine. 

A lot of people have asked us if they could make socks out of silk. Of course you can! You can do whatever you want! Just keep in mind that they won't hold their shape because there is no elasticity and they will wear out much faster than Merino wool. 

Want some knit and crochet project ideas? Here are just a few that I found on Ravelry...

Knit patterns:

And here are the crochet patterns!

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