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Romantacy Book Cover


Good morning! We wanted to respond to the comments and emails we have received regarding using AI art for the Romantasy Club cover.

We have decided that we are not going to offer the tote bags for sale. We will still offer the Romantacy pre-order but are reducing the cost of the bags from the price. We printed up 300 bags and are going to give them away as free gifts to the first 300 people who pre-orders the set. Anyone who has already placed a pre-order will get the difference refunded.

We messed up on this and should have used better judgment before listing AI-generated images for sale. Supporting artists is something we highly value at BSY, and we should have done things differently. We apologize for that. There was a niggling feeling that maybe we shouldn’t, but we were second-guessing ourselves and thinking that maybe we were overreacting, so we just carried on. After so many years in this business, you would think that we would know by now to trust the little mental red flags.

We never intended to go full AI art forever as a company. This was a one-time project that we had a lot of fun working on together. Bad Sheep Yarn will always support artists and other forms of art. The Romantasy Club was just that… us experimenting with a wild hair idea. If you want to air your grievances, our email inbox is always open.

Honestly, we will probably dig into this topic a little later down the road because we have some additional thoughts on it. At the moment, our kids are waiting for us to finish work so that we can start a little family vacation that we are taking this week.

Thank you for the feedback. We realize we screwed up on this, and sometimes you just have to own it.

Thank you all!
Marcie & Alex

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  • Kristy

    Are there any left? I am late to the game? A little confused…

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