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Forget Me Knot Hand Dyed Sock Yarn

Forget Me Knot

$27.00 - $29.00
Part of the 2019 Alaska Collection, Forget Me Knot is inspired after our state flower. This beautiful colorway is speckled with light and dark blue, yellows, and greens. Basic Sock: 75/25 Superwash Merino & Nylon; 462 Yards; 100 grams...
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Fireweed Sock Yarn


$26.00 - $31.00
Part of the Alaska 2019 Collection, Fireweed is a remake of one of my first colorways. This beautiful yarn is made of pink, purple, and mauve speckles with green speckled accents. Fireweed is a wildflower that grows in fields and woods around our state...
5 (11)
Doe Hand Dyed Sock Yarn


$27.00 - $29.00
Doe is part of the Deep Woods Collection. This is a perfectly gentle and sublte colorway. Taupe and tan and white are blended with sweet light brown speckles. Basic Sock: 75/25 Superwash Merino & Nylon; 462 Yards; 100 grams. Basic Sock...
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Dark Woods

Dark Woods

$26.00 - $29.00
Dark Woods is a dark green and black hand dyed yarn with yellow and teal and brown accents. Part of the Deep Woods Collection, this colorway has layers upon layers of colors and shadows, much like the deep dark woods. Basic Sock: 75/25 Superwash...
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Coffee Hut

Coffee Hut

$26.00 - $29.00
Part of the 2019 Alaska Collection, Coffee Hut is inpsired by all of the tiny drive-thru coffee shops that are on almost every street of every town. This yarn is speckled with dark and warm browns, creams, and accents of red, green, and blue...
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